Barnes Art Alive

Barnes Foundation

Ongoing 2015

The Renegade Company and the Barnes Foundation partnered to create 4 pieces for the Free First Sunday Programs. Renegade created 15-minute pieces using iconic works from the collection as inspiration. Works include surreal Philadelphia artist Angelo Pinto, a triptych of works by Matisse, a religious sculpture from New Mexico, and British Metalwork.



From Angelo Pinto's Seashells

January & August

An artist, alone in his studio obsesses over a sun, kites, clams, oysters, and birds. Inspired by Angelo Pinto’s Seashells (1944), The Renegade Company tells the story of a forgotten artist struggling to reclaim his fame as well as cope with the loss of his wife. In processing his grief the artist creates a work that honors her memory.

PERFORMED by Dan Higbee
SOUND Adam Vidiksis
PROPS & SET Sara Outing


Subject: Women

From Henri Matisse's Three Sisters triptych


Subject: Women is an exploration of the place of women in fine art. Using Matisse's triptych Three Sisters as an inspiration, Subject: Women begins with the imagined musings of Lorette, a young model who appears in over 50 paintings by Matisse but yet is relatively forgotten by history. Asking what the role of the subject is within a piece of art, this short performance piece looks at the way Western society puts women within the frame, defining their roles in the arts as that of muse, inspiration, model, supporter, or lover. Where are our female artists? What does it mean for a women to take her own portrait?

CONCEIVED & DIRECTED by Brenna Geffers


Living Retablo: Saint Rita

From Saint Rita, active 1830 by Pedro Antonio Fresquís


This performance piece was created in response to Pedro Antonio Fresquís' depiction of Saint Rita of Cascia found on the north wall of room 11.  Watch this looping performance piece as you might view a painting from outside the garden's glass walls, or enter inside, and make an offering to Saint Rita in exchange for a story and a song.



Cognition Condenser

Inspired by British Metalwork in the Barnes Collection


Candle Snuffer.  Spur Nipper.  Hog Catcher.  Creation and destruction, a struggle and a ceremony. The dynamic utility and violence of the Barnes metal collection explodes in language, sound and movement as we explore the secret dance of trivets, latches, hinges and andirons that binds the paintings together.

SOUND Adam Vidiksi